Refrigerator Monitoring System for food and beverage retailers

Refrigerator Monitoring

Refrigerator Monitoring System for food and beverage retailers

If you’re the owner of a food or beverage retail or manufacturing business, you should already be aware of the importance of having your refrigerators running 24/7. But, do you have a process in place for when issues occur? What happens if your refrigerator breaks down over the weekend and you’re not there to take action? With a refrigerator monitoring system from Hanwell, you’ll be provided with ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your refrigerators are being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits of a refrigerator monitoring system

Although food storage temperature laws can vary by US state, generally the optimum temperature for a fridge should be between 37.4°F and 41°F. Anything higher will increase the speed at which food decays and anything stored at a lower temperature will reduce the amount of nutrients and generate potential health risks.  With this in mind, implementing a refrigerator monitoring system into your business will have a range of benefits including:

  • Out of hour monitoring
  • Traceable reports for audits
  • Reduction in errors from manual checks
  • Access to real time and audit ready reports
  • Increase efficiency by reducing the time spent manually checking and recording temperature
  • Ultimately reduce the loss of earnings from damaged or spoilt product!

Enter Notion Lite

Notion Lite is a plug and play refrigeration monitoring system, ideal for small food and beverage retailers and manufacturers. The kit contains everything you need to start wirelessly monitoring your refrigerators 24/7, and should anything go wrong, an alarm notification will be sent via email or SMS.

To find out more information about how the Notion Lite refrigerator monitoring system can save your business money, then contact us today.