Refrigeration temperature monitoring – Why wireless is the only solution

Refrigeration temperature monitor, refrigeration monitor

Refrigeration temperature monitoring – Why wireless is the only solution

The quality of refrigeration contents is down to the temperature within, but various factors outside of this controlled environment can affect the internal temperature and put these contents at risk of contamination. These factors can often be revealed using only an independent refrigeration temperature monitor:

  • Maintenance required – drops in temperature can reveal the need for refrigeration service requirements.
  • Doors left ajar or left open for too long.
  • Freshly cooked foods (that haven’t been allowed to cool) are often refrigerated too early.

The above factors cannot be identified without the use of temperature monitoring equipment and therefore food that is spoilt as a result may make you think it is down to the quality of produce or refrigeration equipment in error.

But why choose wireless?

Depending on your budget, the choice of technology may seem straight-forward on initial research. However, when you consider the time spent checking cheaper alternatives, it can quickly add up.

  1. Thermometers. these are great because they are cheap, but it requires manual checks and are often open to human error. You can’t check it out of hours and you cannot identify the factors above.
  2. Data loggers. Again, these can be fairly inexpensive and although an automated collection of data, time has to be allocated to download recordings, but remember data loggers only provide a retrospective view of what’s happening, i.e. the damage is already done.
  3. Wireless temperature monitor. Wireless technology has moved on dramatically and is now more cost-effective than ever. The ability to receive real-time alerts in and out of hours, automated data recording and logging enables users to access audit trails, reports and more when on-the-spot inspections take place.

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