Protect your artefacts for travelling museum exhibits

Travelling Museum Exhibits

Protect your artefacts for travelling museum exhibits

Travelling museum exhibits – why you should monitor

Many museums look to participate in travelling museum exhibits or loaning artefacts as a way to boost their profile and to increase the exposure of an exhibition or artefact to multiple audiences. Travelling exhibitions allow museums to collaborate and share ideas, generate profit and explore new concepts. They can gather several artefacts from numerous museums to create an entire collection as well as providing museums that lack permanent collections a renewed display to attract a new audience.

One of the main risks of a travelling exhibition is damage to the artefacts. The environment for an artefact will have been carefully controlled when stored and displayed but what happens when the object is travelling to another museum for a new exhibition? There is a strong possibility of irreparable damage or loss to these priceless items. Artefacts are never more vulnerable than when being transported, so it is essential to monitor their journey and environment to minimise risk.

Hanwell (previously The IMC Group) offers a number of solutions such as relative humidity monitoring and shock and vibration monitoring that curatorial staff can implement to assist in maintaining an artefacts condition as well as reducing the risk of damage whilst in transit.

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