A positive approach to temperature monitoring – blood plasma, blood banks, blood transportation

A positive approach to temperature monitoring – blood plasma, blood banks, blood transportation

We will be launching the new Tempod USB temperature data logger at the East Midlands Regional Transfusion Committee Annual Study day in Nottingham on Friday 23rd January, as well as showcasing our comprehensive wireless monitoring system.The theme of the day is based around ‘risks, reactions and reporting’ in transfusion and will be attended by a wide variety of hospital clinical groups.

Tempod USB temperature data logger

The new Tempod is ideal for monitoring blood during transit. Placed with the blood inside a cool bag the Tempod will monitor the temperature to make sure it has stayed between +2C and +6C during its journey. The advantage of using Tempod is that the recipient of blood wouldn’t need the data logger software; they can just connect the USB to the PC using the USB port and download the PDF report. There is also a visual display on theTempod for quick accept of reject decisions.

Comprehensive wireless monitoring system

The IceSpy System5 wireless temperature monitoring system provides healthcare professionals with accurate temperature data 24/7. It is the ideal system solution for automated ambient and core temperature monitoring within blood banks.

  • Assists with meetings MHRA standards
  • Meets British Standard 4376
  • 24/7 real-time data collection (time and date stamped)
  • Immediate alarm notification with multiple email/SMS alert options
  • Automated reporting tools to key personnel

Our blood monitoring solutions can assist healthcare professionals minimise the risks of using blood that has been temperature breached and increasing their reactions when determining whether blood is safe to use by providing them with accurate reports.

The Tempod USB data logger has now been discontinued and the IceSpy System5 has been replaced with Notion Pro. If you would like more information please call us on +44 (0) 1462 688070 or email us on [email protected].