A plastic free sea. We’re doing our bit, are you?

Plastic Free sea

A plastic free sea. We’re doing our bit, are you?

It’s a huge topic at the moment and I’m sure we’re all well aware that each year, an estimated 18 billion pounds of plastic waste enters the worlds ocean from coastal regions.

This immense amount of plastic is causing serious harm to our ocean life, coral reefs and seabirds and now’s the time to take responsibility for our actions!

About 40 percent of all plastic produced is used in packaging, and much of that is used only once and then discarded – so that’s where we’re starting our journey.

Stephen Fish, Purchasing Manager for Hanwell is responsible for our packaging materials “I’m very aware of the overuse of plastic within corporations, (just from a personal point-of-view) and luckily we work for a company where compassion is a core belief. Therefore, changing the way we use plastic within our organisation was a fairly straight-forward exercise to begin to implement. We started by looking at obvious and large-scale reductions and have made great progress so far: Purchasing Manager

  • Chose cardboard. From the end of April 2019, our hardware will be shipped using cardboard with over 50% recycled material. Keep an eye out for our new packaging!
  • Removing Foam. We are removing all foam from our packaging by redesigning the boxes to include cardboard inserts*
  • Replacing our packing tape. We’ve moved away from plastic packing tape in favour of new paper.
  • Paper inserts – We’ve started a large project of reviewing and removing unnecessary paper from our kit contents in favour of references to online electronic guides.
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle –we recycle bubble wrap, paper fillers and pallets at every opportunity, assisting in the reduction of the bubble wrap to be purchased.

*with the exception of our SR2 unit which is being redesigned with recyclable foam due to the hardware fragility in transit.

 “Most of these changes have been implemented with immediate effect, but we recognise that we’re only scratching the surface with our reductions. Moving to a plastic-free mindset has been a fairly straightforward start, the challenge continues as we put higher demands into practice without compromising the quality of how we package and deliver our products…watch this space.”

While Stephen continues to review and make plastic and paper reductions in our packaging processes, we’ll be continuing to put pressure on all other areas of the business. We’ll keep you updated on our progress as we move towards a plastic-free organisation.

To find out more about Hanwell’s mission to become environmentally friendly, contact us today!