Lite-en the load with plug & play temperature monitoring for pharmacies

pharmacy temperature monitoring

Lite-en the load with plug & play temperature monitoring for pharmacies

Pharmacies can lighten the load on systems and staff alike, as well as complying easily with environmental regulations and ensuring patient safety, with the Notion Lite kit from Hanwell. The ideal plug & play wireless kit is the ideal solution for a pharmacy temperature monitoring system and is suitable for even the smallest pharmacies.

Keeping tabs on storage conditions is essential for pharmacies at every stage of the supply chain, in order to meet strictly enforced legislation. But monitoring conditions need not be onerous; in fact, with Notion Lite it’s quite the opposite: a simple plug & play solution for 24/7 monitoring with easy-access audit-ready reports.

Many pharmacies currently rely on manual checks for temperature monitoring and leave themselves open to the risk of human error – not to mention the possibility of mechanical failure out of hours. Notion Lite offers users a cost-effective solution to wireless temperature monitoring for up to 10 fridges or freezers and provides a critical log of historical data for regulatory compliance. Reporting to cloud-based software, data can be viewed anywhere providing ultimate peace of mind.

Any of the authorities including MHRA, CQC, FSA, GMP, and GDP may turn up for product inspections, checking that the rules are being observed and the highest standards are in place, especially the environmental conditions in which products are being stored and displayed. In addition, where a company is manufacturing or transporting cough mixture or pastilles, for example, these are also classed as foods so are subject to further regulations from BRC. No wonder manufacturers get frustrated with the time that needs to be spent on ensuring compliance!

Inspectors and auditors make no secret of the fact that they are looking for a chink in procedures for maintaining temperature control that could put the public’s health at risk, so the earlier a problem is identified the quicker it can be rectified. Slack monitoring procedures could lead to a crisis if a rise in temperatures within the premises or a refrigerator failure causes spoilage and a potential health risk, so quick intervention thanks to accurate, real-time monitoring of temperatures can save the day. That’s where wireless environmental monitoring comes into its own.

Notion Lite stands out from competitors because it utilises the British made telemetry that is found in our market-leading equipment. Our temperature monitoring solutions are designed and manufactured to help organisations meet the needs of strict pharma and healthcare regulations across the globe.

Hanwell has an unrivalled reputation within the pharmacy sector for drive and innovation – backed by reliable, robust and technologically superior products manufactured in British facilities. Our customer promise is to provide trusted British environmental monitoring for ultimate peace of mind. 25 years of engineering experience and Hanwell’s philosophy of keeping all design and manufacturing in-house in the UK enables our team to rapidly respond to ever-changing requirements, particularly those driven by legislation.

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