Brand New Hanwell EMS features

New EMS features

Brand New Hanwell EMS features

Brand new updates to the Hanwell EMS software

We are delighted to announce the release of some brand new features for the Hanwell EMS software. Following on from feedback from current Hanwell EMS users, these new features have been designed to improve user experience, making it even easier to access and view critical data.

New features include:

    • Animated alarm display – Quickly identify the type of alarm per sensor with animated alarm icon

    • Analyse Dew Point and Absolute Humidity on T/RH graphs

    • Search Function – Quickly find and view sensor, group data with our new intelligent search function

      • View automatically rotating display for live sensor group data using new Marquee Mode

    • Regrouped sub sections – Scroll, search and edit using newly merged subsections. Expand and collapse for quick identification

  • Edit mode productivity enhancements: sensor search, single settings page, with expanding and collapsing sub sections; save multiple updates at the click of a button; simplified tree menu
  • Increased user graph interaction with channel selection control
  • Eliminate potential IE compatibility issues by using Arial font
  • Additional serial number and control device group details available in Live pop-up
  • Active directory integration, for single account sign in
  • Conset sensor control state column for Live view
  • EMS Mobile App installer included  – requires separate licence
  • Support RL4000 Thermocouple sensors
  • Updated translations for French and Chinese
  • Additional sensor location fields
  • Channel title option for all sensors
  • Added degree symbol to Live view and standardised view formatting
  • EMS performance improvements
  • Auto-scaled overlay of all sensors in zone on charts

Click here to read more about EMS.

Additionally, Hanwell has released an OPC-UA interface to third party systems, for example PLC’s, SCADA, BMS for comprehensive environmental automation. Find out more here. Alternatively, contact us for more information about how to update today.

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