6 Reasons why we Manufacture in Britain

Manufacture in Britain

6 Reasons why we Manufacture in Britain

Many businesses choose to assemble parts in Britain or simply buy in, re-label and sell on, but at Hanwell Solutions (previously The IMC Group) we choose to manufacture in Britain.

We manufacture our products at our Letchworth factory because of the following reasons:

  1. Experience
    We have accumulated over 100 years of experience in wireless systems purely through working closely with customers and listening to their requirements
  2. Skill
    Our engineers are skilled in designing and producing first-class electronic instrumentation
  3. Quality Assurance 
    We ensure high-quality standards throughout manufacture and are proud to operate a Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001:2008
  4. Prompt Turnaround 
    Our ability to produce equipment in-house enables us to meet required deadlines
  5. Greater flexibility 
    With direct access and communication to our engineering team, our flexibility in product development is second to none
  6. Supporting British Economy
    We’re proud to support employment in industry and boost British innovation

View our range of British Made Wireless Environmental Monitoring Systems for more information:  https://hanwell.com/wireless-environmental-monitoring-systems/