Temperature Monitoring In Lockdown – Advice for Food Retail


Temperature Monitoring In Lockdown – Advice for Food Retail

Temperature Monitoring Refrigerated Stock During Lockdown

While Britain goes into official lockdown and all non-essential businesses are being asked to close, many stores are being forced to leave valuable refrigerated stock unattended, and without reliable temperature monitoring. While it is common to rely on manual temperature checks for refrigerated or frozen goods, this is no longer possible for many business owners, and refrigeration failure is more likely than ever to remain unnoticed until it is too late. This can lead to a disastrous loss of stock, and an unnecessary cost at a time when businesses are already struggling to stay afloat.

The obvious solution is a wireless system that will alert you to changes in temperature and problems with your refrigeration equipment; without the need for manual checks or visits. Data loggers have long since been preferred over thermometers due to their ability to provide downloadable records compliant for safety audits, however even these can only provide information once the data is downloaded – even if your equipment has failed overnight.

The solution is Notion Lite, an automated, 24/7 temperature monitoring system that wirelessly sends recorded data to our efficient cloud-based software. The wireless system means that you can be alerted via email (or text, with our SMS module), in and out of working hours – or as long as you need while lockdown is being enforced.

Notion Lite also benefits from the use of a wireless, long-range radio signal that remains the strongest in the industry, keeping it separate from Wi-Fi bandwidth and reducing the need for repeaters.

Notion Lite Benefits:

  • Accurate and reliable temperature monitoring
  • Improves product quality and reduces product waste
  • Removes the need for manual checks during lockdown
  • 24/7 Cloud-based technology
  • Instant alerts (E-mail and/or SMS)
  • Plug and play up to 30 refrigeration units (for more, discover Hanwell IceSpy)
  • HACCP Audit ready
  • Simple 5 step installation


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