Preventing a Listeria Outbreak

Listeria Outbreak

Preventing a Listeria Outbreak

Following the recent news that 9 people have been infected with Listeria after consuming pre-made sandwiches and salad in a healthcare facility, we wanted to reissue advice for food manufacturers on how to keep your products consistently safe for consumption and prevent a listeria outbreak.

Craig Smith, Chairman of Hospital Caterers Association notes ”we would like to reinforce the critical importance of temperature control and call for all caterers to review their audit processes with immediate effect.” Listeria can be difficult to tackle and the potentially deadly bacteria can contaminate foods even after cooking. Listeria can also multiply at cold temperatures (between +2°C and 4°C).

The European Food Standards Authority recommends that food should be cooked at temperatures higher than 65°C and should then be refrigerated at 5°C or lower at all times. Monitoring and recording temperature at all stages of the cold chain is not only vital for auditing purposes, but also for ensuring the safety of consumers.

What’s the best technology to use for preventing a listeria outbreak?

Hanwell has a variety of products available for all stages of food production, transportation, and retail.

Our Hanwell IceSpy range is ideal for food manufacturers and can assist with compliance with the Manufacturers Food Regulatory Program Standards. Our Hanwell IceSpy system can be implemented in chilled areas, such as cold rooms, fridges or freezers for 24/7 wireless temperature monitoring with instant alarm notifications should any temperature breaches occur. You’ll also have access to all your data via the Hanwell EMS software, for easy access to reports, ideal for when you’re subject to inspections.

During the transportation of food products, we have a range of data loggers available for a closed-loop solution. ShockWatch WarmMark labels can also be used during transportation alerting users if food has been exposed to high temperatures.

For retail outlets, the Notion Lite kit is a plug & play, wireless temperature monitoring solution for use in up to 30 fridges or freezers. The Notion Lite kit features automated record keeping and instant alarm notifications, assisting retailers with HACCP requirements.



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