Listeria Control Through Temperature Monitoring


Listeria Control Through Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring and control plays an important part with regards to maintaining food quality and meeting compulsory national regulations.  Bacteria, such as listeria, are present in many foods and given the right conditions can multiply every 10 minutes.

Listeria is unlike many other germs because it can grow even in colder temperatures. The Food Standards Agency stated that growth models have shown listeria to grow nearly twice as fast at 8°C as it does at 5°C.

Bacteria cannot be physically removed from food and cannot be seen so all we can do is control their reproductive numbers. Food stored in the fridge, food can be kept safe by keeping to the recommended storage temperature of 5°C.

Utilising wireless fridge temperature monitoring equipment and software, users are able to obtain critical information about the environment of the fridge contents 24/7. Our Notion Lite system accompanied with the software can offer a true insight into what is happening within your fridge, helping you save potential costs due to fridge maintenance.

The system has been designed specifically for ease of use providing business owners with immediate access to real-time temperature data 24/7 anytime or anywhere as well as being plug & play.

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