Lamerholm’s ShockBug could save manufacturers thousands in damages

Lamerholm’s ShockBug could save manufacturers thousands in damages

Lamerholm Electronics aims to help businesses protect goods-in-transit from mishandling with the launch of its latest damage deterrent device, the ShockBug.

The ShockBug has been designed to give manufacturers the reassurance that products are being handled appropriately once they leave their premises, as well as reducing the cost of replacements, waste and additional transport.

Ian Robinson, Managing Director of Lamerholm’s parent company IMC Group, said: “The improper handling of goods during shipment and handling is not only time consuming and expensive, but it can be extremely damaging to a company’s reputation. Customer satisfaction has never been more important and our latest device, the ShockBug will hopefully give users the reassurance that their products are being handled properly.”


The most advanced device of its kind, the ShockBug provides an exact record of the date and time when shock limits have been reached by a pre-determined threshold. This threshold can also be adjusted accordingly and flexibly depending on the sensitivity of the product or load.

By giving an accurate date and time reading, manufacturers can pinpoint exactly when a product is potentially damaged. The device can record 100 events per channel (X,Y,Z), providing up to 300 in total. It also acts as a visual deterrent to prevent improper handling by those who come into contact with the goods.

Lamerholm’s ShockBug can be placed on products for protection and record up to 100 incidents of shock during a complete journey, from production to delivery. Once attached, users can begin recording events by setting up a new programme via the iButton, which automatically resets the alarms and clears the memory.

Once the data has been collated, it can be downloaded to a local PC for viewing where users can retrieve and save the data in a tamper proof format. With a battery life of six months and easy-to-follow software, the ShockBug is one of the most user friendly damage deterrent instruments available.

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