Insect Pests Prevention, Monitoring and Control

insect pest control

Insect Pests Prevention, Monitoring and Control

Insect Pest Control – Anoxia Treatment

Insect pest control is something that all conservators have to deal with on a daily basis. Organic materials like clothing, books, and structural timbers are most at risk of pest infestations and therefore special care should be taken when these items are stored.

Effective environmental monitoring and control is crucial in the fight against insect pests in conservation.

Warm, damp areas are perfect breeding grounds for insect pests especially if the temperature regularly goes above 20°C, although some pests can survive at lower humidity levels. It goes without saying that prevention is better than a cure when it comes to insect pest management. Good housekeeping and quarantine policies can help to ensure new items introduced into a collection do not spread infestations.

The Hanwell Environmental Monitoring System can help to detect areas within storage spaces that may be ripe for insect pests to contaminate organic materials.

Once an infestation is discovered, it is important that countermeasures are taken quickly to eliminate it and prevent further spreading. Some pest control solutions can involve toxic pesticides that are harmful to the users health and can sometimes damage to artifact that is infected. Other treatments include freezing or heating items; this again can cause significant damage to the artifact itself and this method is not suitable for things like canvas paintings, wax objects and stringed instruments.

The Hanwell Anoxibug System is a revolutionary highly cost effective, atmospheric control method that makes it possible to eliminate pests from materials 100% effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. The simple 5 step system allows conservators to manage their infestations in-house and will ensure your artifacts are pest free without causing irreversible damage.


How it works:


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