Important Information about IceSpy System 4

IceSpy System 4

Important Information about IceSpy System 4

The IceSpy System 4 has been on the market for over 20 years providing customers with reliable temperature monitoring instrumentation. Manufactured and supported by The IMC Group the new IceSpy Notion Pro wireless monitoring system, launched in 2015, provides a full proof solution and replacement for IceSpy System 4.

Customers will already be aware that telephone and remote support will cease from 31st March 2016 for IceSpy System 4 and The IMC Group can assist in providing a suitable upgrade to our new IceSpy Notion Pro system.

The IceSpy brand is well-established throughout the cold-supply chain for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless monitoring within fridges, freezers, and heated and dry storage facilities. The Notion Pro system takes revolutionary steps forward in reliability, robustness and innovative technology whilst remaining affordable.

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