The IMC Group announces acquisition of Silvertree Engineering

The IMC Group Ltd has announced the acquisition of Silvertree Engineering Ltd, which is now the fourth subsidiary in the group’s stable of instrumentation, measurement and control companies.

Silvertree Engineering Ltd established itself as one of the UK’s market leaders for data logger and wireless temperature monitoring under the brand name IceSpy.

The IMC Group previously comprised three subsidiaries – Lamerholm Electronics Ltd, Hanwell Instruments Ltd and Jekyll Electronic Technology Ltd. The addition of Silvertree from 1st April 2011 introduces established market sectors in warehouse monitoring, food chain, retail and hospitals, as well as new products, a wealth of new technology and a well established brand name.

Chris Fearnley, the founder and design engineer of Silvertree Engineering Ltd, will be retained within the IMC Group’s design team, along with the other engineers at Silvertree. This will further strengthen the IMC design team, bringing in both software and electronics engineers, as well as a rich source of technical knowledge and ideas. Silvertree’s office and factory facilities, based in Truro, Cornwall, will be retained, although many of the systems and operations will be integrated into IMC.

Ian Robinson, the IMC Group Managing Director, said: “Over the coming weeks and months, we will investigate and action the best way of further integrating the business activities of Silvertree into the IMC Group, ensuring at all times that the best interests of our customer and distributor base are maintained.

“The IceSpy range of products have built up an enviable reputation for quality and functionality, all at a very cost effective price and we will be looking to build upon this reputation while ensuring the continued high quality and excellent customer service provided by the whole team at Silvertree. We are all very excited about this opportunity for the IMC Group. We look forward to continuing the good work that the Silvertree team has established over the recent years and to working closely with all of the customers and distributors in the development of the IceSpy range.

“The integration of Silvertree Engineering Ltd into the IMC Group will enable existing customers and distributors to be offered a wider range of products including radio loggers, data loggers, temperature and humidity recorders, shock and vibration recorders, energy monitoring systems, damage deterrent solutions and GPRS loggers. In addition we will be looking to integrate the technologies within the Group to produce new and innovative products to solve industrial problems and meet the ever-increasing demands and requirements of our customer and industry base.”