How to comply with the latest Acrylamide Legislation


How to comply with the latest Acrylamide Legislation

With the recent introduction of Acrylamide legislation from the FSA, we wanted to let you know how to lower the risk of the potentially dangerous chemical substance developing with the Notion Lite system.

Acrylamide is typically found in starchy foods such as potatoes, cakes and biscuits. When these starchy foods are overheated, there’s a reaction between amino acids and sugars. Although acrylamide is a natural by-product of cooking processes, too much in your diet can increase the lifetime risk of developing cancer.

The FSA states that ‘New legislation will require food business operators to put in place simple, practical steps to manage acrylamide within their food safety management systems’ and businesses are expected to undertake the following:

  • Be aware of acrylamide as a food safety hazard and have general understanding of how it’s formed in food they produce
  • Take necessary steps to mitigate acrylamide formation in food they produce, adopting relevant measures as part of their food safety management procedures
  • Undertake representative sampling and analysis where appropriate to monitor levels of acrylamide in their products as part of their assessment of the mitigation measures
  • Keep appropriate records of the mitigation measures undertaken together with sampling plans and results of any testing

Although acrylamide is primarily developed during the cooking process, storage is also a key factor in reducing chemical development. Products such as potatoes and root veg should be stored in a cool, dark place at 6°C or above, rather than refrigerated. Refrigeration can increase the amount of sugar produced, therefore increasing the amount of acrylamide.

By implementing the Notion Lite, plug and play wireless temperature monitoring kit into your food storage areas, you can accurately monitor storage areas, 24/7, and have immediate access to real-time data and alarms, with audit ready reports available.

To find out more about how to comply with acrylamide legislation with the Notion Lite kit, contact us today.