Hanwell plays it cool with mini monitor for temperature checking

Hanwell plays it cool with mini monitor for temperature checking

Hanwell Instruments Ltd. is aiming to alleviate the many problems surrounding cold storage, with its most compact temperature checking device yet, the RFBug.

The smallest device of its kind at 105 x 65 x 19mm and weighing just 100g without its battery, the RFBug is designed to fit unobtrusively into fridges, freezers and other cold storage units to ensure that environmental conditions are monitored effectively.

The wireless RFBug alerts users when temperature or humidity reaches unacceptable levels, which could leave the contents vulnerable to damage or deterioration if left unchecked.

Problems typically arise when fridges and freezers become too warm or cold, when condensation develops or units break down but these can be averted with effective temperature monitoring.

Using the most advanced radio technology, the RFBug can transmit real-time and historical data directly to a local PC for analysis. Each unit has an internal sensor which provides accurate and reliable information about environmental conditions, with enough memory to record up to 100,000 readings.

A battery life of up to two years, simple software and compliance with the RoHS and WEEE EU directives make the RFBug one of the simplest temperature monitoring solutions on the market.
IMC Group Managing Director Ian Robinson said: “We’re really proud to be able to present the RFBug, our most discreet monitoring device yet, which is expertly designed for fridges, freezers and cold storage units. Unlike other products, our advanced radio technology enables readings to be transmitted through doors/walls of storage units and means there is no requirement for access holes. We’re sure this will have a real impact on the product quality as well as reducing energy costs.”

UK-based Hanwell Instruments Ltd, a leader in the field of environmental monitoring, was established in 1990 and forms part of the IMC Group.

For more information visit www.hanwell.com