Centralised Monitoring with Hanwell EMS

Centralised Monitoring with Hanwell EMS

Centralised Monitoring with Hanwell EMS

Manufacturing and research organisations in multiple sectors, such a food, pharmaceutical and monitoring in clinical trials, often must abide by good practice requirements. Providing evidence that products such as vaccines are stored to the correct temperature and humidity levels is paramount in maintaining product quality. For large manufacturing businesses, historically, monitoring multiple sites has been difficult. Centralised Monitoring with Hanwell EMS enables data from both Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy hardware to be seamlessly fed into one system. This allows multiple users access to historical data, all in one place.

What are the benefits of centralised monitoring?

Centralised monitoring with Hanwell EMS has a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency by reducing time spent monitoring separate sites individually, as well as reducing errors from manual checks
  • Easily maintained – Software updates are easily implementable for just one platform, rather than having to update lots of different systems
  • Manageable access levels – Hanwell EMS has customisable groups, allowing restrictions to be placed for certain users
  • Standard and bespoke reporting options – Reports can be as simple or detailed depending on customer requirements
  • Unrestricted configuration – Unlike many of our competitors, Hanwell EMS is not restricted to either cloud or server-based configuration and system components can be separated

Why upgrade to Centralised monitoring with Hanwell EMS?

The Hanwell EMS software has been developed to give maximum flexibility and control of data and events. The platform incorporates interactive tools for analysis and immediate alarm notification. Hanwell Solutions CEO, Ian Robinson, notes:

“The EMS platform is extremely flexible, highly responsive and there is nothing else like it currently available. Hanwell EMS ensures that the management of complex systems incorporating differing environments has never been so easy”

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To find out more about centralised monitoring with Hanwell EMS software, take a look at the Hanwell EMS Sales sheet or contact us today.

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