Don’t let your beer leave a sour taste in people’s mouths

Beer Temperature

Don’t let your beer leave a sour taste in people’s mouths

Beer temperature monitoring during the brewing process

With the British Beer and Pub association predicting that around 10 million pints of beer was consumed during wednesday’s World Cup match between England and Croatia (we’re still upset it’s not coming home!), we’re looking at the importance of beer temperature monitoring during all stages of the brewing and beer manufacturing process.

With the number of breweries in the UK rising to over 2000 and the increasing popularity of craft beer, ensuring that your product is consistent and tasty is imperative. As most breweries are aware of, temperature is a key factor in both the production and storage of beer. For example, during the mashing process, monitoring the water temperature is crucial, as this is when enzymes are activated in the barley, converting into sugar. By raising and lowering the temperature of this water (typically between 37°C – 76°C), brewers can control what kind of sugars are produced:

-Lower water temperatures result in highly fermentable sugar, resulting in a dryer tasting beer

-Higher water temperatures means that sugars aren’t easily digested by yeast, resulting in some unfermented sugar. This will produce a sweeter, full bodied beer.

With the Notion Lite NL300, which features an external thermistor probe, you can accurately and reliably monitor water temperature 24/7 and receive instant alarm notifications if the temperature exceeds pre-set limits, allowing you to make a perfect batch of beer, every time.

Top tips for beer suppliers:

Whilst temperature monitoring during the production of beer is crucial, it’s just as vital during storage and serving! No one wants a warm lager or an ice-cold stout. With the Beer Connoisseur recommending these serving temperatures, the Notion Lite kit is ideal for bars, pubs and restaurants to monitor their fridges. Our plug and play kit is designed for small food and beverage retail outlets, giving you real time data and alarms and improving product quality.

To find out more about how the Notion Lite kit can improve your beer production, storage and service through beer temperature monitoring contact us today.