Food Safety Standards – How to comply

Food Safety Standards

Food Safety Standards – How to comply

Following on from the recent news that takeaway outlets with a 0-hygiene rating were being listed on a popular ordering app, Just Eat, we wanted to give our advice on complying to Food Safety Standards with temperature monitoring solutions from Hanwell.

The Food Hygiene Rating scheme is designed to provide clear information to potential customers of food retailers and outlets of businesses overall hygiene standards.

During the inspection, officers will look at the following:

  • Food is handled hygienically – The inspector will check how your food is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored
  • The physical conditions of your business – This includes cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation, pest control & other facilities
  • Management of food safety – This will look at processes, training, and systems which ensure good hygiene is maintained

For food retailers, restaurants and caterers, implementing a temperature monitoring solution from Hanwell into your HACCP procedure, will not only help you comply with Food Safety Standards but will also ensure that you are providing the best possible service and goods to your customer.

For smaller food businesses, such as independent takeaway restaurants and cafes, the Notion Lite temperature monitoring system is a plug & play kit, which can wirelessly monitor your refrigeration equipment & stock. The Notion Lite kit can support up to 30 sensors and can be installed in 5 simple steps.hanwell lite hardware


For larger chain takeaway restaurants, the Hanwell IceSpy system features competitive accuracy, cold-chain solutions and radio strength that overcomes most typical applications. The Hanwell IceSpy system is well-established throughout the cold-supply chain for providing wireless temperature monitoring within fridges & freezers. Hanwell IceSpy can also provide additional measurements such as humidity, CO2 and differential pressure.

Both the Notion Lite and Hanwell IceSpy temperature monitoring systems provide easy access to real-time reporting, alleviating audit stress with easy access to historical data.

By implementing a temperature monitoring system into your HACCP procedure, not only will you improve product quality and reduce waste, but you’ll also be demonstrating both to the Food Standards Agency and to your customers, that you take your food retail business seriously.

To find out more about temperature monitoring kits from Hanwell Solutions, contact us today.