Food Laboratory Environmental Monitoring

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Food Laboratory Environmental Monitoring

American consumers enjoy some of the safest food in the world, but with foodborne diseases causing approximately 48 million illnesses throughout the US each year, it’s critical for a Food Laboratory to ensure they maintain regulatory standards to help prevent the spread of sometimes life-threatening diseases, such as Listeria.

It is well known that any findings of an outbreak can cause detrimental effects for food businesses, with Food Safety magazine reporting that the average cost of a food recall to a food company is $10 million in direct costs, as well as brand damage and lost sales. With this in mind, food laboratories are urged to follow FDA and FSIS regulations in order to not only respond to any contaminations but to also help prevent further outbreaks.

With Environmental Monitoring from Hanwell, you’ll be able to ensure that your food lab is keeping up to industry standards. Both our Hanwell IceSpy and Hanwell Pro systems are FCC approved and offer an enviable range of monitoring capabilities to assist with FDA regulations. Both systems can monitor a range of applications including temperature, humidity and differential pressure and are suitable for laboratories of all sizes. And as practices and regulations change, our industry-recognised systems are easily adaptable to respond to advances in environmental monitoring technology.

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