Keep flowers fresh with temperature monitoring

Flower storage remote temperature validation systems

Keep flowers fresh with temperature monitoring

Ideal Conditions for Flower Storage

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s got us thinking about one of the most popular presents – flowers! This is a particularly busy period for florists and we understand the importance of flower storage conditions to ensure freshness, maintaining quality and reputation.

Temperature control is one of the main factors to assist with long-lasting flowers. It is said the optimum storage temperature for cut flowers is between 2°C and 8°C. When a flower is cut they use food stored in the leaves and petals, if stored at a high temperature the flower will respire more and begin to deteriorate quicker. Keeping flowers in a cold environment can slow down the respiration process and reduce the rate of deterioration.

Flower storage coolers should be checked regularly. Manual checks can become time consuming and easily forgotten during a busy period. If the fridge temperature is too high, and not checked, flowers could be at risk of quicker deterioration. Damage and loss of stock due to temperature fluctuations could have a massive impact to the business especially around Valentine’s Day.

A wireless temperature monitoring system can provide you with peace of mind ensuring your flower coolers are continuously monitored and real-time alerts are provided if temperature parameters are breached.

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