Flood Alarm System

Flood Alarm System

Flood Alarm System

Flood Alarm System Application: River levels rising cause devastating floods to local housing area

Customer Challenge
An old mill stream situated within a small hamlet in Northumberland creates a high flood risk to six local houses. When the river rises to 10 – 15ft it only takes up to two hours for the flooding to reach these houses creating damaging consequences not only by the water but by debris that flows down the hill. Our customer required a durable flood alarm system that generates a warning for the residents of the housing area when river levels rise above a certain threshold.

Hanwell Solution
Description: Submersible radio monitoring system with high-quality float switch
Kit Contents: 1 x FloodWatch, 1 x Float Switch, SR2 base station and receiver

How does the flood alarm system assist with this challenge?

The Hanwell FloodWatch flood alarm system was connected to a V-shaped post securely positioned above the river bank. This was connected by a black cable gland to a high-quality float switch that can work to -30 degrees (to prevent water freezing issues). The transmitter sends regular signals (with a light beep sound) to the local houses via a smart receiver to reassure residents that the system is active. When the river rises above the predetermined alarm level, the float switch triggers and the FloodWatch sends an alarm signal to the installed SR2s within each house sounding an alarm with a visual red beacon enabling residents to evacuate with the necessary timescale.

Flood Series Schematic

1. Normal conditions
The GPRS transmitter saves battery life by resorting to a sleep mode.

2. Flood conditions
The GRPS transmitter wakes when activity occurs. The float turns upside down and the unit sends SMS alert to the programmed contacts.

For a flood alarm system like this or for a similar application, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will almost certainly have a solution for you. 

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