Firms turning to Condition Monitoring to avoid costly breakdowns

Firms turning to Condition Monitoring to avoid costly breakdowns

Condition-based monitoring (CBM) is playing an increasing important role in supporting maintenance programmes. And it’s not hard to see why, when the modest investment required to implement a CBM solution is compared against the potentially huge costs associated with repairing or replacing machinery that has been damaged. Unexpected failures of CNC milling machines leave operators facing significant costs and loss of customer confidence.

Central to the effective running of a machine are its spindles and bearings, which are subjected to massive forces during operation. Yet heavy demands on manufacturing and engineering teams mean manual checking procedures are not always a high priority and when they are missed hidden problems can arise. Additionally, not all potential problems are even detectable by a worker, whereas monitoring technology can pick up the smallest inconsistencies.

The IMC Contor technology can output to MODBUS to work alongside customers’ existing systems, adding an additional layer of performance optimisation. Customers benefit from significantly reduced machine downtime and loss of production. Excessive vibration can be a symptom of problems and predictive maintenance for the bearings is enabled by monitoring the RMS vibration of the system. Spindle damage is significantly reduced thus increasing spindle life. Milling machine performance is optimised, unnecessary maintenance is eliminated and costs are reduced.

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