Environmental Monitoring for Pharmacy Groups

Environmental Monitoring for Pharmacy

Environmental Monitoring for Pharmacy Groups

We have recently launched our new, state of the art software platform that has been designed to revolutionise environmental monitoring for pharmacy, with access to real-time data and reporting capabilities for pharmacy chains or groups any time, anywhere, across the world.

Hanwell EMS has been developed by our specialist software engineers to interface seamlessly with Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy monitoring solutions in an industry-leading hardware/software combination. The browser-based user interface is easy to navigate and the single platform incorporates interactive tools for analysis and immediate alarm notification. Hanwell EMS is perfect for multiple sites or user situations and can be extended and adapted as required to meet all customer requirements.

The innovative combination of Hanwell IceSpy and EMS provides a premium, centralised monitoring solution for continuity in data acquisition and environmental management across pharmacy chains. This can also be coupled with Hanwell’s transport system so products in transit can be monitored and the data seamlessly linked to the EMS platform.

EMS has been developed to provide maximum flexibility and enhanced control of data and events from anywhere in the world via cloud- or server-based configuration. Interactive graphs, tables, and plan views enable users to easily analyse data in multiple ways, and user access levels can be managed through customisable groups. Hanwell EMS will be especially invaluable in instantly producing historical data in the event of an industry audit or inspection by any of the authorities including MHRA, CQC, FSA, GMP, or GDP.

Our British-engineered solutions have proven to be vital in helping organisations meet the needs of strict pharmacy regulations across the globe. Ian Robinson, our CEO, explained: “Hanwell is constantly innovating to ensure we don’t just keep up with trends in the pharmacy market, but in fact lead the way through ever-increasing health and safety legislation and industry regulations. We are very proud of Hanwell EMS, which not only supports all current Hanwell Pro and IceSpy hardware but has also been future-proofed – designed to accept new application-specific software that Hanwell is likely to develop. The EMS platform is extremely flexible, highly responsive and there is nothing else like it currently available. Put simply, Hanwell EMS ensures that, for pharmacy groups or chains, in particular, the management of complex systems incorporating differing environments has never been so easy.”

We have developed an unrivaled reputation within the pharmacy sector for drive and innovation – backed by reliable, robust and technologically superior products manufactured in British facilities. Our customer promise is to provide trusted British environmental monitoring for ultimate peace of mind.

To find out more about the importance of environmental monitoring for pharmacy, visit our Pharmacy page, or alternatively contact us today.