Environmental monitoring & control systems for buildings

Environmental Monitoring & Control systems

Environmental monitoring & control systems for buildings

Here at Hanwell, we’re proud to be able to offer wireless environmental monitoring & control systems that help support facilities managers with data acquisition of indoor and remote environmental conditions.

Whether its keeping tabs on the environmental conditions within commercial buildings, plants, and warehouses or remote locations such as river levels, we will have a solution for you.

Comprehensive environmental monitoring systems enable users to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, air flow, CO2, light, UV and much more. Monitoring conditions like these with predetermined thresholds can be set to trigger BMS systems to switch on or off HVAC systems creating optimal conditions 24/7. Additionally, the ability to add energy, gas and water consumption assists with further potential related savings within a building. For example, the control of lights within hallways.

We understand that in some cases facilities managers rely on manual checks, such as temperature monitoring of remote water tanks, which we know can be hugely time-consuming. Hanwell’s remote temperature monitoring equipment uses GPRS technology to transmit data back to the centralised EMS software with critical alerts directed to facility managers 24/7.

These systems can be built to budget and expanded over time as needs grow. Contact us today to talk about your requirements and we will be happy to supply a quote for free.