Early Warning of Critical Equipment Damage Now Possible with IMC Group

Early Warning of Critical Equipment Damage Now Possible with IMC Group

Major distribution companies come to IMC seeking help when transporting high value, high-risk assets such as heavy-duty equipment across the globe.

The need is increasing. In the turbine industry, for example, according to one forecast the UK will need 7,500 offshore turbines by 2020. That means tens of billions of pounds are at stake, and logistics plays a vital role in the evolution of the industry with the average cost of transportation, per turbine, typically £100,000.

A primary consideration for such distributors is the sheer scale of the component parts. But size can be deceptive. While outsiders might assume a certain robustness from size and weight, experts know that parts are often more sensitive than they might appear!

In fact, it is the very weight of these items that creates a bigger impact, even if the drop or judder is relatively small. A big cause of concern is that the effect of such an impact on the internal components may not be immediately apparent, which is where shock monitoring becomes crucial.

Designed and manufactured within the UK, the location data and alarm alerts provided by the IMC Tracker give IMC customers real time notification of impacts as they happen so providing critical information about their assets in transit.

This innovative technology – which meets IATA regulations – enables IMC customers to log shock, temperature and humidity during the course of a journey and to make quick and accurate decisions as to whether to inspect, recall or continue with a shipment.

Result? Downtime from unexpected damage is reduced, accountability for equipment damage caused while in use and during transit is assigned, and money is saved!

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