Digitalised records for Food Processing businesses

Digitalised records

Digitalised records for Food Processing businesses

In the news recently, there has been a lot of news around how food processing sites should be upgrading to digital recording methods in order to ease compliance to authority standards and minimise time spent on manual recordings.

An article in the latest Dairy Foods magazine suggests “For the food and beverage industry… companies can better comply with legislation through a transformation in areas including connectivity, smart sensors, traceability, cloud computing and monitoring.”  As the article states, digital records ease the burden of audits and compliance. Using cloud-based software such as Hanwell EMS alongside a wireless environmental monitoring system such as Hanwell IceSpy can alleviate stress by giving easy access to audit-ready reports and historical reports.

It has been noted that “The advantage of deploying connected sensors is threefold:-

-Advance warning of material handling equipment failure that might impact the quality of the food or disrupt production

-Prompt notice of refrigeration failure in storage areas

– Visibility into the conditions food & beverages are subjected to whilst in transit via freight services.”

Hanwell EMS, when used in conjunction with either our Hanwell IceSpy or Hanwell Pro product range has a variety of features that are designed for ease of use. Management of complex systems incorporating various environments has never been so simple.

As well as providing immediate alarm notifications via email, as and when any fluctuations in temperature, humidity, etc occur, Hanwell EMS also provides:

-Single or multi-user access for small, medium or large monitoring needs

-Ability to share data with users as well as allocate permissions to data groups as required

-Display quick overview of sites and/or sensor groups

Hanwell EMS can be accessed anywhere in the world, via your PC, local network and internet. We also have an App available for access to alarms on the go!

To find out more about moving to a digital reporting system such as Hanwell EMS, contact us today!