Simple solutions to passing your CQC inspection

CQC Inspection

Simple solutions to passing your CQC inspection

With the recent news that a doctors’ surgery in Leicestershire failed a CQC inspection due to inadequate processes, including refrigerators which had failed to have their temperatures monitored for several days, we wanted to let you know how implementing the Hanwell Lite System into your doctor’s surgery or pharmacy can prevent failures in your inspections and ultimately improve well-being for your patients.

The Hanwell Lite plug and play wireless monitoring system is specifically designed for ease of use, taking manual recordings out of the equation, monitoring fridges and freezers where medicines and vaccines are stored. The system automatically obtains data 24/7, sending alarm notifications to you by email and SMS if and when any errors occur. You’ll also have access to real-time temperature data via the cloud-based software and audit-ready reports.

The system can be set up in 5 simple steps, and ultimately prevents costly damage and wastage as well as eliminating errors and saving time! The Hanwell Lite provides you with peace of mind when your CQC inspection is due.

To find out more about how our cost-effective Hanwell Lite system can be integrated into your doctor’s surgery or pharmacy, contact us today.