Covid: CO2 Monitoring Required For Effective Ventilation

Covid: CO2 Monitoring Required For Effective Ventilation

As schools, offices, restaurants and pubs begin to relax Covid safety restrictions, increased ventilation and careful CO2 monitoring is becoming the prime method of preventing further Covid outbreaks.


The Department for Education has recently said that portable CO2 monitors should be used to identify areas where extra ventilation measures are needed. As a result, around 300,000 carbon dioxide monitors are intended to be made available to schools in England in order to improve air-flow and decrease the likelihood of transmission.


This is a welcome step towards acknowledging the risks of poor ventilation, and identifying problem areas, although CO2 monitoring systems may vary in their ability to provide actionable data.


Our solution is the ClimaBox: designed to monitor CO2, temperature and humidity resulting in a complete air quality monitoring solution, with several advantages over alternatives. Most vital being the ability to transmit data to a local BMS (or alternatively a new or existing Hanwell Pro systems through our wireless option), where it can alert relevant staff for immediate action, or provide a visual warning of concerning CO2 levels through an on-site LCD screen.


The Climabox also provides historical data records capable of identifying trends over time and providing evidence of airflow recovery. Data collection is extremely flexible and can combine information received from multiple rooms or buildings for a comprehensive multi-site solution, while allowing users to expand or change systems as and when required.


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