Machine vibration condition monitoring software – Video Demonstration

Shock and Vibration Condition Monitoring Systems – Demonstration Video

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Contor is an innovative solution to predictive maintenance. The wireless vibration condition monitoring system provides shock and vibration analysis via the intuitive browser-based software to assist with maximising machine running time and preventing downtime.

Contor is the ideal solution for optimising machine performance and ensuring the smooth running of production.

Manufacturing accounts for around a 10th of Britain’s economy and is reported to be growing month on month, so downtime and loss of production have a massive effect on a business’s rate of expansion, making optimisation of equipment maintenance a high priority.

IMC Contor Software Demonstration video – click the video below to view a demonstration of the software in action.

For more information on Contor please visit our website of feel free to contact us via +44 (0) 1462 688070 or email [email protected].