Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

Food Business operators are “required by EU regulation 852/2004 to implement and maintain hygiene procedures based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)”. Installing a Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring system can not only assist with regulation compliance but can ease the pressure of audits.

Commercial refrigeration units take time for their temperature to stabilise, and the bigger the unit the longer this process can take. We have a range of wireless monitoring products which are ideal for commercial refrigerator temperature monitoring. All of our products provide automated record keeping, and immediate alarm notifications should a temperature breach occur, helping food business operators to meet critical HACCP requirements.

Benefits of implementing a commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring system from Hanwell include:

  • Immediate alarm notification via email or SMS if and when temperature breaches occur
  • Assists with national regulatory requirements such as HACCP and GDP
  • Reduces error from manual checks
  • View your data 24/7, anytime, anywhere on your local PC, via your company intranet or network or via the internet
  • Alleviate audit stress with easy access to historical reports
  • Our systems are easily expandable and can suit your needs as your organisation grows

We have a range of solutions available for all commercial monitoring requirements, including:

Notion Lite – A cost-effective, plug & play solution, for up to 10 fridges and freezers. Suitable for smaller cooler temperature monitoring applications.

Hanwell IceSpy – The Hanwell IceSpy range can combine temperature and humidity monitoring in-building and transportation. Ideal for medium to large commercial refrigeration applications, the IceSpy system improves product quality and reduces product waste, whilst alleviating audit stress with easy to access historical reports via the Hanwell EMS software.

To find out more about our Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring solutions, contact us today.

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