Choose Hanwell Wireless Monitoring for Italy’s Heritage

The Hanwell wireless environmental monitoring and control range is the result of more than 20 years design and production expertise at The IMC Group Ltd.

We now have over 100 data loggers, radio and GPRS transmitters to cover the following parameters; energytemperaturehumiditywind speed/directionLux & UVinsect pest control, CO2, pressure and many more.

As of 31st March Bresciani S.R.L. are no longer a distributor for Hanwell products into the Heritage industry in italy. We are pleased to announce that Francesco Francavilla at Soluzioni E Prodotti Per Conservare L’Arte are now IMC’s sole distributor within Heritage across Italy, therefore please do not hesitate to contact Francesco with your enquiries on 00 390 761 1767791 or email [email protected].

If it’s worth monitoring, it’s worth monitoring well.

For more information please call +44 (0) 1462 688070 or email [email protected].