Calibration… What is it?

Calibration… What is it?

What is Calibration?

Simply put, a Calibration service is a process of checking the accuracy of a measuring instrument of any type and comparing the results to see if they are within an acceptable range. It can also include adjusting the instrument to bring it into alignment so it meets the standards. Eliminating or minimising factors that cause inaccurate measurements can help to maintain accuracy which is a fundamental aspect when monitoring.

Does it affect me?

Yes, the most precise measurement instrument is useless if you can’t be sure that it is reading accurately. Also if your business needs to comply with ISO standards then it is a requirement that records of the calibration of instruments are maintained and reviewed.

How is Calibration completed?

Calibration is completed by checking the instrument against known reference standards that have been calibrated themselves in a chain of measurements and can be tracked back to agreed International Standards.

How will I know if the Calibration is traceable?

By using an accredited service your calibration will be traceable. UKAS is the certification body authorised to accredit laboratories to the ISO17025 standard. This standard requires labs to demonstrate the capability in both the technical aspects of the measurements and in the quality assurance aspects.

How often should the instrument be calibrated?

This only depends on how important the measurements that are being made by the product or service are. Here at the Hanwell, we recommend you recalibrate and adjust (where appropriate) each year either at the Hanwell Calibration Service Centre or using our on-site calibration service.

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