Don’t Let Blood Turn Ugly

Blood Storage Temperature

Don’t Let Blood Turn Ugly

Blood storage temperature monitoring is an essential everyday task within the Healthcare sector. If the monitoring process isn’t completed correctly, consequences can be significant from complete loss of product, loss of money, loss of time and the potential harm to patients.

To avoid nasty errors it is recommended that human error is removed from the picture. By removing manual checks these potential risks can be avoided.

The Hanwell IceSpy is a customisable wireless temperature monitoring system that can monitor blood storage temperature 24/7, with alarm notification of temperature breech and historical data collection with audit trails.

The Hanwell IceSpy system can record during out-of-hours at configurable intervals (e.g. 30 or 60 minutes) to ensure that the blood bags, medicines and vaccines are stored in optimal environments. This feature is very useful in maintaining regulatory compliance, especially when clinics are closed and staff members are not available to check and record the unit temperatures consistently.

Hanwell IceSpy can also serve as insurance against costly blood, medication and vaccination loss due to mechanical failure. While a manually checked thermometer can display if a unit was out of range according to the parameters set, it cannot specify the length of time the unit was out of range for, potentially resulting in stock waste.

In conclusion, the information collected from Hanwell IceSpy systems not only helps to identify poor performance refrigeration, freezer and warmer units when considering equipment replacement but also provides the justification to upgrade to medical-grade units improving the medication safety and patient care all whilst staying compliant.

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