Keep your blood products temperature regulated with the Hanwell IceSpy Air Core

Blood bank temperature

Keep your blood products temperature regulated with the Hanwell IceSpy Air Core

Blood bank temperature monitoring with Hanwell IceSpy

With the release of the new Hanwell IceSpy Air Core transmitter, we wanted to let you know how the Air Core can improve the efficiency of your blood bank temperature monitoring processes for blood storage as well as in transit.

Blood storage facilities are regulated under strict compliance standards, with the safety of patients relying heavily on proper handling and storage of blood from the moment a donation is made, as well as ensuring that wastage is preventable. With Homerton University Hospital noting “blood is an excellent culture medium for bacterial growth, therefore it should be stored in approved refrigerators at 2-6°C where it has a shelf life of 35 days after donation” by implementing a reliable wireless monitoring system, you’ll be able to eliminate timely manual checks, receive SMS & email alarm notifications if and when a fridge door is left ajar or open in error, which will ultimately improve the overall efficiency of your blood cold-chain.

The Hanwell IceSpy Air Core features temperature simulant probes, designed to meet BS4376 for blood samples. Made from Polypropylene, the Air Core sensor simulates the core temperature of a blood bag within fridges, rather than the temperature of the surrounding air. By monitoring the core temperature of your blood products, you’ll be getting a more accurate view on how temperature fluctuations effects the products core temperature.


The Air Core works in conjunction with the Hanwell IceSpy range of sensors and transmitters, including the ARB Module, which provides RFID connectivity for fast data backfill. Alternatively, you can also use the Air Core alongside our ShockWatch range of Blood Temp Indicator range, which have specifically been designed to monitor the temperature of blood during transportation and storage.

To find out more about regulating your blood storage temperature in situ or in transit with the Hanwell IceSpy Air-Core transmitter, contact us today.