Air Flow Monitoring In Cleanrooms


Air Flow Monitoring In Cleanrooms

At Hanwell Solutions Ltd., we’re able to offer multiple options for wireless environmental monitoring & control systems that keep cleanrooms and aseptic labs classified at a high standard. Today, we are proud to introduce you to the RL4810-AF Air Flow Radio Transmitter, designed specifically for air flow measurement, and intended to be used alongside our high accuracy air flow sensors. Combined, these products are capable of regular, reliable data readings that provide critical information in regards to air flow, pump, and level measurements, while simultaneously offering 24/7 real-time alerts to warn of opens doors or on/off machines, protecting you from breaches to air flow.

What defines a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is an enclosed space often necessary for scientific research or the manufacture of products that require the environment to be clean and controlled. The construction, air supply, air flow, filtration, pressurisation, temperature and humidity are all tightly monitored in order to prevent the space from being contaminated by unwanted particles which could interfere with the clinical nature of medicines and rugs, disrupt sensitive microprocessors, or even introduce bacteria to food. As such, clean rooms are commonly used in the technical, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as having a growing presence in the food industry.

Cleanrooms are classified between ISO 1 and ISO 9, each differentiated by an increase of particles per volume of air, and microbial contamination of air and surfaces within the cleanroom.

Why is it important to monitor air flow?

The above regulations mean that HVAC systems are completely compulsory in cleanrooms, although they differ greatly from their use in commercial buildings by vastly increasing air supply and filtration efficiency, while also requiring specific air flow patterns and degrees of room pressurisation.

As a result of these valuable specifications, Environmental Monitoring systems are required in order to keep track of the aforementioned systems in order to confirm the cleanroom is of the quality expected for its ISO classification.

The air quality inside of the room is therefore of utmost importance, and must be monitored regularly for particles and air flow.

Why the RL4810-AF Radio transmitter?

  • Compatible with our industry-leading EMS software
  • Dual 0-5VDC input for air flow, pump, level and door alerts
  • 100,000 data readings & up to 18 months battery life
  • Superior performance hardware & high accuracy sensors
  • Easily accessible battery
  • Low power radio for long distance transmission (3km over open ground)
  • Complies with RoHS, EU & WEEE directives
  • Carries CE Marking

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