5 Signs Museums Need A Dehumidifier!


5 Signs Museums Need A Dehumidifier!

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity caused by external factors such as the weather and number of people can be a major problem for museums and art galleries. For example, a rise in a number of people at once will increase the humidity considerably, especially on a rainy day. These fluctuations have the most damaging impact on the art because the materials do not have enough time to acclimatise.

You may be wondering how to determine when a dehumidifier is needed, so be on the lookout for the signs below which will indicate if it’s time to invest in one.

What are the signs?
1. Mould Spots on Ceilings, Walls and Corners
If you notice mould anywhere it’s usually because of excess humidity. It usually appears in small clusters of black dots however can also be grey and green in colour. Mould can also cause respiratory problems due to the Mycotoxins and therefore placing a dehumidifier within the suspect area will help tackle air management and keep the temperature stable.

2. Condensation
If the indoor environment is too humid, condensation will occur on windows or anything where there is glass. It will appear like fog or you’ll see droplets sliding down the glass. Having a dehumidifier in place will help remove excess humidity keeping the room at a good humidity level.

3. Stale Odours
A stale odour is normally an indication that mould growth is present. This can be caused by poor ventilation and poor construction. Having a dehumidifier in place will help purify the air and remove excess humidity.

4. Water Stains
If you see water marks and water stains on walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces which cannot be linked to known spillages, this is a definite red flag for excess moisture in the area. Once again, having a dehumidifier in place will help break down humidity and keep the temperature stable.

5. Rotting Wood
Wood shouldn’t be soft when you press it and if it is then there is too much moisture. Affected wood can be replaced quickly and with a dehumidifier you can remove excess moisture.

Alternatively, you can prevent the signs above altogether by monitoring humidity levels that trigger dehumidifiers automatically, when required.

Our Humidity Control Range provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for humidifying and dehumidifying to suit individual preferences.

We have multiple examples of these solutions in place across Museums and Galleries and if you need any more information or help regarding humidity in general, please contact us today.