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We are committed to providing innovative environmental monitoring lab solutions for critical equipment and supplies which meet GLP’s and provide professionals with data immediately and wirelessly – including alarm notification and historic records. Learn more about our laboratory monitoring systems today.


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Ambient room, thermal cyclers, refrigerators, freezers, incubators, transit

Our vast range of temperature monitoring data loggers and radio transmitters have been used within pharmaceutical organisations for many years and were specifically designed for environmental monitoring lab equipment such as fridges at 2°C – 8°C, freezers with temperatures down to -20°C, -30°C,- 40°C & -80°C and also cryogenic storage at -150°C and-200°C. Visit our Hanwell RL4000T range for more information.




Ambient room, incubators, storage, transit

Throughout many pharmaceutical processes (research, development, manufacture and distribution) the effects of ambient humidity can have detrimental effects on product quality, yield, visual appearance and shelf-life of pharmaceutical drugs. Visit our Hanwell RL4000RHT range of data loggers and radio transmitters for more information on monitoring internally or our Humbug for transportation.


FDA regulated pharmaceutical clean rooms

Pressure monitoring is critical where the architectural components have an effect on room pressure differential cascades. A pressure cascade system to monitor many differential pressure levels between rooms is vital to preventing cross contamination.

Our RL4000DP Range has been designed for use with existing air handling units in order to measure the temperature, humidity and differential pressure within clean rooms. An alarm or light indication can be generated before passing between each room if required assisting with maintaining a safe and stable environment.

Use Hanwell Solutions for a fully validatable systems specifically for compliance of 21 CFR Part 11.




Temperature and CO2 levels need to remain stable during all stages of drug development

Our RL5016 and RL5018 monitors with combined CO2 and temperature are highly sensitive transmitters measuring 05% and 0-10% levels with a large LCD display and has been used within laboratory incubators for many years providing accurate tools to monitor environments and send alarms that can assist with maintaining an essential stable environment.

Out of hours alarms

Fridges, freezers and incubators

Refrigerated areas and incubators can be monitored with combined door and temperature alarms using the Hanwell SMS module or AlarmWatch series with horn signals or even SMS/Email alerts where necessary.

The AlarmWatch series and door sensors can be connected to a number of existing transmitters enabling staff to measure all critical parameters with SMS or Email alerts directly to the relevant staff.

Monitoring parameters within critical areas like these can prevent downtime and meet GLP’s and GMP’s throughout all environmental monitoring lab and manufacture processes.

out of hours alarms

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Temperature Controlled Medicine Storage

Radio strength that powers through any obstruction to assist with ambient temperature medicine storage monitoring.

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