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We are committed to providing accurate and automated alarming and recording tools that assist with 21CFR Part 11 compliance via our comprehensive range of market leading environmental monitoring systems.

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Ambient room, chillers, cold rooms and refrigerated transportation

At every point in the cold chain storage and supply chain, precautions can be taken to minimise the effect of external conditions on the quality and stability of the products, for both internal QA and external audits by regulatory bodies such as the MHRA and the FDA.

Our wide range of Hanwell Pro temperature monitoring data loggers and radio transmitters are used for temperature recording throughout the cold chain storage and supply chain.

Our RL4001 and wireless temperature logger, the RFBug offer exceptional accuracy and reliability, resolution 0.1C and +/- 0.1C accuracy. The RL4000T series of transmitters have a superior radio performance and are ideally suited to large and complex buildings. All of our solutions have the ability to display mean kinetic temperature (MKT).

Good Distribution Practices (GDP’s) for temperature monitoring in transit can be achieved using our temperature indicators and data loggers.




Temperature & Humidity

Ambient room and dry storage

Although in many warehouse and cold chain storage applications temperature is the most common parameter measured, in situations where bulk powders are stored, relative humidity is equally as important and in some cases more important. High levels of humidity will cause powders to congeal which can affect product quality or deem ingredients unusable.

Hanwell’s 4000RHT series of data loggers and radio transmitters provide reliable information on temperature and humidity levels whilst eliminating possible human error which could result in non-compliance. The use of wireless monitoring avoids much of the installation cost and disruption that can occur with hardwired systems.

Out of Hour Alarms

Critical areas and equipment

Distribution centres maintaining strict levels of control within critical areas can utilise temperature monitoring with generation of alarms to alert the user to breach of pre-set boundaries and open door condition.

The SMS module and AlarmWatch provides alerts 24/7 within cold chain storage areas using beacons, horns or SMS alerts depending on the working hours for immediate indication and action before damage can occur.

out of hours alarms

impact tilt

Impact & Tilt

Transportation and handling

Packaging processes can be carefully controlled to reduce risk to those handling medical containers, but also to prevent potential contamination.

Our range of cost-effective, self-adhesive indicators affix directly to packaging for immediate and clearly visible notification of potential damage caused by impact or tilt. These state that they are a monitored shipment and change a handler’s behaviour, something that ‘Fragile’ and ‘Keep Upright’ labels have stopped achieving.

Impact indicators come in a variety of different g-force levels from 25-100g depending on the shipment sensitivity. Likewise the tilt indicators come with a 10⁰, 30⁰ and 360⁰ axis indication.

Monitoring parameters within critical areas like these can prevent downtime and meet GLP’s and GMP’s throughout all cold chain storage and distribution processes.

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Temperature Controlled Medicine Storage

Radio strength that powers through any obstruction to assist with ambient temperature medicine storage monitoring.

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