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Our robust range of environmental monitoring recorders for wind turbine transport and power transformers provides clients with the tools to monitor any potential damages to windings, transformers, cores or components that may occur during production and distribution.

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High temperatures can easily damage sensitive winding insulation: transformer life expectancy is halved for every 8°C increase in operating temperature.

Transformer oil is a highly refined mineral oil that helps thermally stabilize winding conductor insulation, typically paper, within acceptable insulation temperature rating limitations. However, the heat removal problem is central to all electrical apparatus. As a result, with high value transfomer assets, it’s vital to monitor and manage oil and winding conductor insulation temperature conditions under varying, possibly difficult, power loading conditions.

The Hanwell RL4000T series can help. Monitoring the environmental condition of power transformers can ensure any problems are addressed promptly. It’s the ideal choice for users who require temperature monitoring.



Temperature & Humidity

Power generation and distribution plants

Measuring humidity is vital in operating power generation and distribution plants. For instance, accurately monitoring the humidity of inlet air is essential for good turbine control. The turbine performs better when the air is cooler, because the density of the air increases as the temperature decreases. With a greater mass of air flowing through the turbine, the result is increased power generation. However, just a 1°C increase in temperature can result in a 0.5% electricity loss. On the other hand, inlet air that is too cold or humid must be avoided as it may lead to water condensation or even icing, which dramatically reduces the performance of turbine blades.

Our temperature and humidity monitor range assists with demanding industrial applications. Hanwell’s RL4114 range of wireless transmitters, with its precision temperature sensor and a high-quality humidity sensor, can offer a solution. By accurately recording data and presenting it on local systems or computers, users can be warned of out of specification conditions promptly and take appropriate action to safeguard their equipment, reducing costly repairs and downtime.


Power generation components such as turbines and gearboxes

Using alarms to notify users of where temperatures move out of safe limits is essential in enhancing an operationally effective, integrated safety management system in this sector. Using Hanwell Solution radio loggers that collect environmental data and send it to a computer system removes the possibility of human error when reading thermometers and recording the results, and the results can easily be exported to a spreadsheet to satisfy customers and regulators that quality systems are in place and operational.

Our ranges of door sensors and alarm and SMS products have been specifically designed to assist staff with areas that require immediate alarm notifications. This provides maximum flexibility, making it possible to measure any critical parameters and raise alarms via SMS, phone or email if safe parameter levels are exceeded.

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Shock & Vibration

Power transformers, wind turbine transport and valuable mechanical parts

Power transformers have shaped the electricity supply industry, permitting generation to be located remotely from points of demand. Any part of the mechanical process can be affected, so it’s essential to monitor vibration to ensure that it’s within accepted thresholds. Shock and vibration monitoring can be performed as part of the preventive maintenance on a gearbox, motors, shaft and bearings.

Similarly, due to the rotational speeds involved in wind turbine transport and operations, the slightest vibration during their deployment can have catastrophic consequences. Vibration can be due to a number of factors, including bird strikes, wear and tear, corrosion and human error during the installation process.

Using the ShockLog® data logger and transmitter solution as part of your logistics system, such as wind turbine transport, can help reduce the likelihood of damage and prolong the life of all sensitive equipment. Monitoring the frequency of vibration and shock levels can help you to assess routes and journey profiles and make alterations where necessary. And reducing exposure to the costs of repairing and replacing equipment, and preventing accidents, means the ShockLog® provides exceptional ROI.

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