We have distributed over 2 million ShockWatch packaging labels and indicators across the UK, supplying a low cost solution to goods damaged in transit.

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Multiple solutions for goods damaged in transit

Electrical Goods | Foodstuff | Glass and Furnishing | White Goods | Cold-chain | Warehouses

Impact / Fragile

Warehouses and couriered goods, including fragile and electrical items

It can be possible to determine whether goods damaged in transit is the fault of inadequate or incorrect packaging, the journey profile, or simple mishandling. By using ShockWatch labels either temporarily; until a solution can be determined, or permanently; depending on the value of goods shipped.

These brightly-coloured, low-cost, self-adhesive indicators are affixed directly to the package exterior. The ‘Monitored Shipment’ message on the label design initially acts as a visual deterrent to mishandling and secondly clearly indicates impact occurrence when G-force exceeds your required limit for use as evidence of potential mishandling and assisting in your claims process.

Alternatively, these labels have also been used in warehouses and affixed to racking to monitor impact occurrence sometimes caused by staff knocking around on forklift trucks.

tilt fragile


Tilt / Keep upright

Tilt sensitive goods in transit including, white goods, glass, fluids, flowers etc.

‘Keep upright’ labels act solely as a visual deterrent, but do not assist you with determining whether this was adhered to throughout shipment. The ShockWatch Tilt indicators do both, act as a clear indicator that the shipment is being monitored and activates when it isn’t. This simple device assists with providing you the evidence you need to challenge couriers on goods damaged in transit.

TiltWatch indicators are simply affixed to the outer packaging like other ShockWatch labels and can monitor 360 degrees, if required.


Warehouse, perishable foodstuffs and refrigerated transport

Using ShockWatch environmental monitors and indicators makes it possible to monitor the temperature of every shipment. This gives packaging companies and their customers the peace of mind that comes with confidence in the handling process, and whether goods damaged in transit have been exposed to unacceptable temperatures — and whether the duration of exposure was long enough to compromise safety and desired characteristics during shipment or storage.

It’s also possible to use the devices to monitor incoming shipments of raw materials, to determine that ingredients and raw materials are safe to use. These small, single-use smart labels adhere directly to the product or packaging and provide accurate, irreversible evidence of any temperature deviations. For optimal effectiveness, they’re available in a wide variety of temperature thresholds.

Monitoring your warehouse is the first step to ensuring temperature breaches didn’t occur closer to home. Using reliable and cost-effective wireless monitoring systems such as Hanwell IceSpy as part of your management process gives you clear visibility of areas or equipment of concern.


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