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We are committed to providing innovative environmental monitoring tools that provide logistics quality control and transportation processes with important information about the conditions of goods in transit, warehousing, material handling and packaging.

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Sensitive cargo, warehouses, storage units and cold storage

A temperature monitoring system is a valuable asset for warehouse companies with logistics quality control processes, demonstrating their commitment to the quality of stock and adding value for the customer. Even where customers are responsible for their own environmentally sensitive cargo, installing a family of high-quality temperature sensors assists with developing a reputation for superior warehousing and high standards of service.

The Hanwell IceSpy range is designed for medium to large sites who require multi-parameter monitoring, such as temperature (fridges at 2°C – 8°C, freezers with temperatures down to -80°C), humidity, and much more. Additionally, our Hanwell EMS range can be used for measurement of multiple parameter combinations across complex sites using unrivalled radio range.

Similarly, monitoring environments during shipments using indicators not only reduces product damage and losses incurred during transportation and storage; it also increases customer satisfaction and provides a visible marketing edge over the competition.


industrial humidity

Temperature & Humidity

Chilled storage, warehouse mapping and shipping

Modern humidity systems can maintain constant humidity at a wide range of levels, including extremely low levels. Relative humidity accuracy levels of +/-2% are more than adequate for most warehouse mapping situations – and devices that monitor relative humidity levels must be just as accurate.

The HL4106 data logger is one of a new series of advanced standalone temperature and humidity data loggers. These smart loggers are ideal for situations where logging may be temporary, for enclosing with a valuable shipment or situations where strict logistics quality control processes are in place.

Wireless connectivity lets users view and download logged data and modify logger settings from the PC software on any logger connected to the Local Area Network. These are perfect for smaller warehouse locations where critical items are stored and more frequent temperature readings are necessary.

Similarly, monitoring shipments with environment data recording not only assists with reducing product damage and losses incurred during transportation and storage; it also increases customer satisfaction and provides a visible marketing edge over the competition and can be achieved using our Humbug device.


Warehouses, storage units, leaks and water ingress

If warehouses are damaged by rainwater and damp, it can make the environment unsafe for goods handlers and unsuitable for sensitive equipment and goods. In the same way, issues with guttering can interrupt the flow of resources between the point of origin and destination, making it difficult to meet customers’ expectations.

Our RL4805/6 device is capable of detecting and generating an early warning in the event of a leak or water ingress.

Our GutterWatch product features a unique sensor designed to notify logistics quality control managers before gutters overflow. Around 64% of flood damage to commercial property is caused by blocked gutters, which makes the GutterWatch an invaluable investment.

RL4805 and RL4806 Flood sensor leak detection

SMS Module sms temperature alarm


Warehouse buildings and storage units

Many warehouse areas are controlled for temperature. The movement of employees, as well as forklift trucks and other vehicles, can disrupt the cooling or heating of critical areas. Door events occurring between logistics units need to be monitored, and should raise an alarm if conditions fall out of specification. This ensures heat-sensitive goods aren’t damaged, and keeps energy costs to a minimum.

The SMS module can be connected to a monitoring system for critical alerts of out of boundary parameters with SMS alerts directly to the relevant person.

Our ranges of door sensors and alarm products have been specifically designed to assist logistics quality control managers with areas that require immediate alarm notifications.

Shock & Impact

Logistics and transportation of equipment

Whether shipping fragile items like glass or heavy-duty equipment with delicate internal components, MTO’s and carrier companies rely on their distribution channels to ensure safe delivery of their goods. Exposure to excessive levels of shock or vibration in transit, due to mishandling or unacceptable environmental conditions, can damage resources before they reach their destination, harming a company’s reputation.

Robust, compact and lightweight, the ShockLog® shock sensor is designed for use in the field to monitor transport equipment, with sophisticated reporting tools to keep you aware of shock and vibration issues as they develop. In fact, ShockLog® data is so accurate that it has been used as evidence in court cases to assign accountability for damaged goods.

The introduction of our cost-effective shock sensor products; ShockWatch and ShockLog®, into a logistics quality control system enables logistics and transportation companies to monitor and reduce impact and drop events. Cutting damage-related costs coincides with improved customer satisfaction, all thanks to the increased level of accountability.

shock vibration

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