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Our growing involvement with the Aerospace and Defence sector focus' on the safeguarding of critical equipment using environmental monitoring tools that can be used during engineering, in situ, during transit and whilst in storage.

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Shock & Vibration

Defence equipment, weaponry, aerospace parts and rotary equipment

Components for use in the aerospace sector and defence sector are often vulnerable to shock and impact en route to their destinations around the world. With helicopter rotor heads for example, bearings ensure the rotor blades are aligned.

ShockLogs® are trusted by companies including BAE Systems and to monitor impact events that occur above risk thresholds determined by their engineers. Our products have already established a following in the aerospace sector: a number of subsidiaries of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) employ the ShockLog® shock and vibration data logger and peripherals as part of their logistics system to help extend the life of valuable, sensitive equipment.

shocklog products


Temperature & Humidity

Warehouses, facility management and critical goods

Monitoring relative humidity should be a major consideration in the aerospace sector and defence sector. Levels of humidity and temperature in storehouses are a very important factor affecting the quality of goods during production and storage, so a strict variation range of relative humidity needs to be enforced. Stored ammunition is especially susceptible to high levels of humidity.

In these and other environments where it’s desirable to measure temperature and humidity, Hanwell wireless temperature/humidity transmitters like the RL4114 range can record data precisely and present it on local systems or computers, generating alerts for out of specification conditions. The RL4114 features a precision temperature sensor and a high-quality humidity sensor. These sensors are housed in a remote probe for discrete mounting in a showcase.


Critical areas and equipment

Whether manufacturing engines, wings or other components, quality-controlled, highly-regulated conditions are the norm, and it’s absolutely critical to adhere to safety standards that prevail in the international aerospace sector and defence sector.

The physical structure of many metals can change according to temperature, so this must be consistent to ensure that environmental conditions are identical. The Hanwell IceSpy range is designed for small to medium sites who require multi-parameter monitoring, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and much more. Additionally our Hanwell 4000T series can be used for measurement of multiple parameter combinations across medium and large sites and warehouses.


RL4107 water leakage sensor

Flood & Gutter

Buildings, remote sites and gutters

It’s critical to prevent leaks and water ingress at remote facilities where aircraft and other aerospace and defence components are stored.

Our smart flood/Leak products detects leaks in up to four separate zones and generate an early warning. Appropriate individuals are warned via phone or text message and can take immediate action to tackle the problem.

The GutterWatch features a unique sensor designed to notify warehouse managers of gutter issues before it’s too late. Flood damage, the most common form of damage affecting commercial property, is usually caused by blocked gutters, so the GutterWatch can repay its investment very quickly.


Critical areas and equipment

Many manufacturing sites where aerospace and defence components are produced are controlled for temperature. Using alarms to notify users of where temperatures move out of safe limits is essential in enhancing an operationally effective, integrated safety management system in this sector.

Hanwell products like the SMS Module  can be connected to a radio system to provide maximum flexibility, making it possible to measure any critical parameter and raise alarms via SMS if a breach exceeds pre-set boundaries.

SMS Module sms temperature alarm

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