Many churches are made from precious ecclesiastical architecture or store culturally significant artefacts and paintings and have been fitted with Hanwell environmental monitoring solutions to safeguard our heritage for the future.

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Gutter Watch

Gutterwatch uses sensors placed in the roof integrated with environmental monitoring software to detect blocked gutters, bad seals, missing tiles and many other causes of defective roof drainage. It monitors wirelessly and can alert designated stakeholders via SMS if there is a leak or blockage, which can save you from using expensive high access equipment as well as helping to prevent any long-term damage. It can be added to an existing Hanwell system or set up standalone.


(Please note this product is not available to purchase via our website. Contact us today for more information.)


Gutterwatch gutter overflow

Damp Watch

DampWatch is also available to detect high levels of moisture internally on walls, beams and flooring, well before long-term damage can set in; ultimately eliminating time-consuming building repairs due to long-term damage caused by penetrating damp.

DampWatch uses Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) measurements to detect moisture in multiple areas which makes it a great option if you have damp in multiple places.


(Please note this product is not available to purchase via our website. Contact us today for more information.)

Flood Detection

Hanwell Flood Sensors are a solution suited for flood warnings and internal spillage. The flood cable works by being shorted when contact with water occurs, sending out an alarm signal. These cables can be run along key areas enabling quick notifications of water leakage before any serious damage can be done.

RL4805 and RL4806 Flood sensor leak detection

relative humidity sensors

Temperature & Humidity

Churches will be aware that tangible culture is prone to damaging effects caused by temperature and humidity. Some independent effects of high temperature include increased biological activity, and acceleration of chemical deterioration processes. In high relative humidity conditions insects and moulds thrive, metals corrode, dyes and textiles fade and deteriorate more quickly, organic materials such as wood and leather swell or change shape, and gelatine emulsions and adhesives become sticky.

Temperature and humidity levels need to be monitored and controlled in conjunction with one another using the Hanwell ML4000RHT data logger and radio transmitter ranges. Humidity can often be controlled by manipulating temperatures within an area in order to control these effects within an environment. This recorded data can be for alarms and historical data analysis.

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Modern engineering helps the historic warship’s safe passage into the limelight providing visitors with an insight into 16th century maritime.

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