Temperature Monitoring for Veterinary Practices

The Notion Lite kit is ideal for veterinary practices looking to ensure that any ambient, refrigerated and dry stored vaccines & medications are protected from temperature fluctuations.

With audible alarm notifications and easy access to historical data, the Notion Lite plug & play wireless monitoring system eases the burden on manual temperature reports, reduces wastage and allows you to provide the best possible care to your patients.


hanwell vets temperature monitoring

How the Notion Lite system works for Vets


Hanwell Vet Temperature Monitoring Solution

  • Adhere to regulations with audit-ready reports
  • Audible alarms when temperatures exceed preset limits
  • Eliminate time wastage caused by manual checks
  • User-friendly plug & play technology

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How can you reduce waste?

  • Eliminate time waste caused by manual checks by using wireless technology
  • Reduce product waste with immediate alarm notifications of environmental breaches
  • Reduce energy waste by optimising temperatures directly identified from independent temperature monitoring technology

Paragon Veterinary Group

Notion Lite technology was chosen by Paragon Veterinary Group for accurate, real-time monitoring of medical fridges

Paragon Vets temperature monitoring for vets vet temperature monitoring

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What makes our system different?

– We care about accuracy – use the best in British made technology designed by Hanwell

– Wireless technology that won’t let you down

  • We use radio telemetry over WiFi – find out why here

– British designed and maintained software that is simple to use and set accessible from most devices

hanwell made in britain


We provide both on-site calibration or in-house calibration, ensuring there is minimal disruption to your service. Our calibration lab technicians provide our customers with flexibility in both cost and convenience for ongoing maintenance of your investment. We can test a multitude of calibration points and provide UKAS certification where required.

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