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Our range of market leading environmental monitoring solutions assist in maintaining a laboratory or clinical environment, equipment and medical supplies in accordance with strict MHRA, GDP, GMP and GCP guidelines.

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Selsium Assists with Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

selsium - hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring system

Hospital Ward Temperature Alert System

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A solution for every clinical and laboratory temperature monitoring application

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Ambient room, fridges, freezers, chillers and transportation

Clinical and laboratory temperature monitoring systems can be used to control thermal cyclers, refrigerators, freezers, water baths and much more.

Manually checking refrigeration temperatures for many critical items including pharmaceuticals, organs, blood, vaccines are vital for regulatory procedures and general health. These checks can be tedious and open to human error and in a highly regulated environment, this can be detrimental to strict procedures.

Our industry recognised Hanwell Icespy radio transmitters have been specifically designed for MHRA compliance assistance with monitoring fridges containing blood bags at 2-8°C, freezers with temperatures down to -20°C, -30°C,- 40°C & -80°C and also cryogenic storage at -150°C and-200°C.

Our Selsium system has been specifically designed for clinics to provide a local buzzer alarm, print out alerts and actions for staff to respond to temperature breaches occurring within fridges. It’s wireless function also reduces time spent taking manual temperature recordings. Click here for more information about Selsium.

Good Distribution Practices (GDP’s) can be achieved for every possible stage of medical distribution using temperature indicators can be affixed to packaging for immediate notification that temperature boundaries have been breached.

Temperature & Humidity

Ambient room and dry storage

Dry storage areas where vital medicines are kept should be monitored wirelessly to avoid human error and ensure audit trails are regular, our Hanwell IceSpy radio transmitters provide a simple and cost-effective solution freeing up staff time from manual checks whilst immediately notifying them of breaches in pre-set boundaries.

The Hanwell IceSpy transmitters offer analysts a laboratory temperature monitoring solution with added humidity measurement that suits the whole spectrum of applications.

Out of Hours Alarms

Critical research and equipment 

The Hanwell transmitters with door switch can be used either on smaller fridges or larger cold room doors. Alternatively, refrigerated areas can be monitored with combined door and temperature alarms using the AlarmWatch series with horn signals or even SMS/Email alerts using the SMS Module.

The SMS Module and AlarmWatch series can be connected to a number of existing transmitters enabling staff to measure all critical parameters with SMS and Email alerts directly to the relevant person.

out of hours alarms


Clinical areas and clean rooms

Pressure monitoring is critical where the architectural components have an effect on room pressure differential cascades. A pressure cascade system to monitor many differential pressure levels between rooms is vital to preventing cross contamination.

Our Hanwell IceSpy differential pressure radio transmitter has been designed to use with existing air handling units in order to measure the differential pressure within clean rooms. An alarm or light indication can be generated before passing between each room if required assisting with maintaining a safe and stable environment.

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DKSH Warehouse Monitoring System

Hanwell IceSpy temperature monitoring system chosen by DKSH Malaysia above other offerings after a trial evaluation period.

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