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Maintain quality food products from farm to fork with extended solutions beyond internal environmental monitoring and into environmental vehicle monitoring using alarm tools with tracking capabilities.

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Raw meat, fresh ingredients, ice & beverages

There is increasing regulatory and customer focus on controlled temperature for food products by HACCP regulations throughout the chilled logistics sector. Temperature management for critical raw materials within distribution centres is essential as the first part of the “end-to-end” supply chain temperature control process.

The Hanwell IceSpy series of temperature transmitters have a superior radio performance and are an ideal warehouse temperature monitoring solution for displaying mean kinetic temperature (MKT).

During transportation, our range of data loggers or temperature indicators can be used for a closed-loop solution to temperature monitoring throughout the chilled logistics journey.




Temperature & Humidity

Powdered and fresh ingredients in dry storage

Although in many warehouse and transportation applications temperature is the most common parameter measured, in situations where bulk powders (like flour) are stored, relative humidity is equally as important. In some cases, humidity is critical due to the potential dangers if exposed to poor conditions.

Keeping records is an important part of the required HACCP requirements especially when monitoring environments where perishables are distributed.  Our Hanwell IceSpy temperature and humidity transmitters and data loggers provide date and time-stamped temperature and humidity information throughout indoor processes and during its transportation.


Delicate foodstuffs and packaging

Perishable foodstuffs such as fruit are often bruised easily during transit and require careful packaging. Packaging processes can also include ways to monitor impacts and potential damages that might appear hours after the delivery is made assisting customers in determining potential spoilage before acceptance of deliveries.

Our range of cost-effective, self-adhesive indicators affix directly to packaging for immediate and clearly visible notification of potential damage caused by impact or tilt. These state that they are a monitored shipment and change a handler’s behaviour throughout the chilled logistics process, something that ‘fragile’ labels have stopped achieving.

Impact indicators come in a variety of different g-force levels from 25-100g depending on the shipment sensitivity.




Critical areas and equipment

Maintaining strict temperature conditions within distribution centres are critical to the chilled logistics process and can be assisted with the generation of alarms for temperature breaches, door events or other specified boundaries set within a system.

The Hanwell IceSpy transmitters with door switches can be used either on smaller fridges or larger cold room doors. Alternatively, refrigerated areas can be monitored with combined door and temperature alarms using the SMS module.

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