Hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring system

Selsium Ward & Clinic Monitor

Selsium is designed as a hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring system that keeps your drugs safe from damage and the public safe from harm.

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How it works

When an alarm condition is detected a buzzer will sound to alert the staff that an alarm condition has occurred. Normally someone would need to go to a PC to view the alarm, with Selsium that is a thing of the past. The alarm notification will be delivered to a nominated printer for the staff to deal with.

The printout has all the information required to quickly identify the problem fridge, the printout even has instructions on what to do.
Because Selsium also stores the data on a local database the system can be used by senior staff to review data and identify any potential trends that may cause problems in the future.

Senior staff can receive automated scheduled reports by email allowing them to easily manage large numbers of fridges effortlessly. This hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring system has specifically designed scheduled reports that will identify fridges that are constantly going into alarm.

This could be caused by faulty equipment or poor staff handling, the data produced allows for better management of the fridges and to order replacements before failure occurs or to improve staff training.

This all leads to better quality of service and money saving from reduced waste.

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