Butchers are turning to wireless temperature recording

Butchers temperature recording

Butchers are turning to wireless temperature recording

Food Safety Management – Butchers temperature recording

Often open 5 days a week from 8am until 5pm there isn’t much time for butchers to manually record refrigeration temperatures via thermometers or retrospective data from loggers (where damage may have already occurred) and with other food safety management processes to concentrate on, one less thing to worry about can be critical to smooth food safety management.

Setting up a simple wireless temperature system means that you don’t have to touch thermometers or loggers unless alerted by the system. All data is recorded and stored for you with easy report access should an unexpected audit come your way.

Not only that, but the system continues to monitor out of working hours, ensuring you have a full understanding of how your refrigeration equipment is operating when you are not there and providing that peace of mind that your meat retains its quality.

Our systems are simple to install, cost-effective and easily maintained through our calibration and support services post-purchase with a full record for auditing purposes.

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